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SWRR Training New Volunteer Orientation and Training Classes - April, 2017 Class 1: 6:00 - 7:30 pm, April 5, Anderson City Hall Class 2: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm, April 15, Haven Humane Class 3: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm, April 22, Haven Humane Classes include training in how to syringe feed baby birds, as well as teaching general knowledge of diseases and anatomy. Also, skills for examining and hydrating rescued animals will be taught. These classes are held annually in April and are mandatory for all new volunteers. Returning volunteers may enroll also. There is a $12 fee to cover the cost of materials. You must pre-register for the class before the first class session. To pre-register contact the Volunteer Coordinator. Please see our Volunteer Opportunities  web page for more information. Other SWRR Training Sessions Shasta Wildlife Rescue conducts classes throughout the year for volunteers to help them learn about the Center and wildlife care. Training for volunteers is also conducted at the monthly Animal Care Committee (ACC) meetings. All volunteers should attend this meeting. For the time, date and location of the ACC meeting see our Coming Events web page. Photos of the 2014 Volunteer Training Class                 Other Educational Opportunities Wintu Audubon Society - The Society conducts “2nd Saturday Beginning Birdwatching Walks” on the 2nd Saturday of each month. See the Wintu Audubon Society website for more information. IWRC The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) conducts training and certification for wildlife rehabilitators. Also see their online courses here and here. CCWR The California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR) conducts training and certification for wildlife rehabilitators. CCWR also hosts the CCWR Symposium. For information see: https://ccwr.org/symposium/ Wildlife Center http://wildlifecenter.org/training-opportunities/ Wild Again Wildlife Rehab Training and Conferences: http://www.ewildagain.org/Training/trngschedule.htm Homeopathy with Wildlife Workshop: http://www.ewildagain.org/Training/homeopathy_seminar_1_day.htm Humboldt College Department of Wildlife Studies Wildlife Program NC State University http://www.ncwildliferehab.org/veterinary/index.html College of the Siskiyous College of the Siskiyous in Weed, CA offers courses in Biology and Natural History. Shasta College Classes For those of you interested in becoming a birder or just someone that would like to identify the birds that come into the Center while you're on a shift, Shasta College offers classes that may be of interest from their Natural Resources Department. Below are some sample classes that have recently been offered. Classes change every semester. For the latest information check the college's website: Shasta College - main page Shasta College - search course offerings (tip, search Agriculture - Natural Resources Dept. and/or instructors Lindstrand and Nolte) Shasta College - Natural Resources and Forestry Science Shasta College - Science, Language Arts and Mathematics A sample of classes that have been offered: Birds and Their Habitat Three eight-hour field trips will be a required part of this course. An introduction to the study of birds. Emphasis on the behavior, taxonomy, migration, orientation, flight, evolution, economic importance, and field identification of the birds. We will also study bird ecology and the role of birds in bio-diversity and ecosystems. Other topics covered are songs and calls, territory, courtship, nests and eggs, care of young, and the systems (reproductive, etc.) of birds. Instructor: L. Lindstrand Introduction to Natural Resources An introduction to the integrated management of forests, soil, watershed, fish, and wildlife in the context of protection and restoration of watersheds and ecosystems. An emphasis will be placed on natural resources careers, policy and law, tools, techniques and practices, and management philosophies of public and private lands. Basic biological and ecological processes will be introduced along with discussion of the scientific method and preparing reports. Instructor: K. Nolte Wildlife of Northern California A weekend field trip to the Tule Lake area will be required Common species of wildlife found in Northern California will be observed and discussed. Habitat ecology and management along with regulatory and conservation issues will be covered in the class. Various identification tools, instructional aids, and other relevant materials will be reviewed and discussed. This course may be repeated once for a total of two enrollments since course content varies and skills are enhanced by supervised repetition. Instructor: L. Lindstrand. Wildlife Conferences and Workshops American Association of Wildlife Vets and American Association of Zoo Vets http://www.aawv.net/meetings.html American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Annual Conference http://www.aazv.org/ American Birding Association http://www.aba.org/events/ American Society of Mammologists Annual Meeting http://www.mammalsociety.org/meetings.html American Veterinary Medical Association https://www.avma.org/Events/Pages/default.aspx Animal Behavior Society Annual Meeting http://www.animalbehaviorsociety.org/web/index.php Animal Care Expo http://www.animalsheltering.org/expo/ Association of Avian Veterinarians http://www.aav.org/conferences/ Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians Conference http://arav.org/events/ California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR) Symposium https://ccwr.org/symposium/ California Veterinary Medical Association Conferences http://www.cvma.net/ Central Plains Society of Mammalogists Meeting http://centralplainsmammals.org/ Central Valley Birding Symposium http://www.cvbirds.org/events/ Florida Wildlife Rehabilitators Association http://www.fwra.org/events.html Humane Society Conferences http://www.humanesociety.org/about/events/ IBA - International Association for Bear Research & Management http://www.bearbiology.com/index.php?id=conf01 Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Joint Meeting http://conferences.k-state.edu/joint-meeting/ IWRC International Education Symposium https://theiwrc.org/courses National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Symposium http://www.nwrawildlife.org/ New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Conference http://nyswrc.org/annual-conference/ North American Bluebird Society Convention http://www.nabluebirdsociety.org/conventions/convention.htm North American Society for Bat Research (NASBR) - Symposium http://www.nasbr.org/ North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference http://www.wildlifemanagementinstitute.org/ Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Annual Conference http://www.owra.org/events http://www.owra.org/workshops Partners in Flight Conference and Conservation Workshop http://www.pifv.org/ Peregrine Fund - Conferences on Raptors http://www.peregrinefund.org/events http://www.globalraptors.org/grin/SiteNews.asp?lNewsType=2 Raptor Research Foundation Annual Conference http://www.raptorresearchfoundation.org/conferences/current-conference Snake Ecology Group Meeting http://www.herpetologistsleague.org/en/news.php Southeastern Bat Diversity Network - Annual Meeting and Workshops http://www.sbdn.org/ Society for Conservation Biology International Congress http://www.scbnacongress.org/ Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology Conference http://www.thesnvb.org/annualmeeting.html Watchable Wildlife Conference and Workshops http://www.watchablewildlife.org/ Western Bird Banding Association Conference http://www.birdvancouver.com/education.html Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Medicine Club, UC Davis, Annual Symposium http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/clubs/waam/ http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/clubs/waam/symposium/index.cfm Wildlife Center of Virginia Call of the Wild Conference http://wildlifecenter.org/call-wild-conference Wildlife Conservation Network Events http://wildnet.org/wildlife-conservation-events Wildlife Disease Association Conference http://www.wildlifedisease.org/wda/CONFERENCES.aspx Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina Symposium http://www.ncwildliferehab.org/ Wildlife Society Annual Conferences & Workshops http://wildlife.org/conferences http://www.tws-west.org/upcoming_events.php Bald Eagle
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