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SWRR Coming Events 2016/17 Current Status of the Center The Center is OPEN for the Spring and Summer seasons as of Saturday, April 30, 2016. The Center usually closes for the Fall and Winter seasons sometime in late August or early September. This year the current plan is for the Center to be closed starting September 1, 2016. For hours, staffing and directions to the Center see our About Us web page. Coleman Fish Hatchery 25th Annual “Return of the Salmon” Festival - October 15, 2016 Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Shasta Wildlife maintains a booth at the Salmon Festival every year. Our volunteers will be available to answer your questions. The Salmon Festival is held every year on the 3rd Saturday in October. For more information see the Coleman Fish Hatchery website. To download the 2015 Festival brochure click here (pdf file, 1.1 MB). Facility Cleanup Work Party - March, 2017 Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Location: SWRR Center The Cleanup Work Party takes place just before the Open House event to prepare the facilities for visitors. Please join us and help with this effort. There is always a lot of cleaning and straightening to be done before the Open House event. Remember all the chores that were done to close down the center in the fall? Now we have to do them to open in the spring! Weather permitting, outside work will happen along with preparing the inside for a busy 2017 season. We have a few rakes and tools but would appreciate you bringing your own, if possible. Come and reconnect with your fellow rehabbers and have a few fun hours of work on Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you all there. Annual Open House, Facility Tours and Baby Bird Shower - April 1, 2017 This event is held on the first Saturday in April every year. For more information on this event please see our Open House web page. This is a great time to bring your children, family members and friends to see what we do and meet some of our animals. For those considering volunteering for SWRR this is a great opportunity to talk to our staff, meet our animals and see our facilities. New Volunteer Orientation and Training Classes - April, 2017 These classes are mandatory for all new volunteers, but returning volunteers may enroll also. See our Classes and Education web page for the class schedule and also see our Volunteer Opportunities web page for information on cost, class registration procedure and more. Biennial Meeting and Program - 2017 We invite you to attend our Biennial (every other year) Meeting in 2017. Meet the board of directors. Learn more about our volunteers and what we do. Hear rescue stories and learn about our history. Check back here later for updates and more information. Virtual Yard Sale Join our Virtual Yard Sale. Click here for the brochure (pdf file, 213 kB). 3rd Bonhams Consignment Appraisal Event See the Bonhams Event web page for more information. Classes and Education Check our Classes and Education web page for upcoming training and conferences. Keep us up to date on SWRR coming events We strive to keep the information here current and relevant. We need your help in doing so. For any updates, changes or additions to this page, please contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ShastaWildlifeRescue.com Past Events To see past events that SWRR volunteers have participated in see our Past Events web page. Ed Animals Presentations - 2016 Please see our Ed Animals web page for additional information about our presentations and our animals. To see past events that the Ed Animals team presented last year, see our Past Events web page. Ed Animal Presentations at Antlers RV Park Dates/Times:    May 29, 10:00 am (time may change to 7:00 pm)    June 18, 7:00 pm    August 20, 7:00 pm Ed Animal Presentations at Burney Falls Program in partnership with the McArthur-Burney Falls Interpretive Association (MBFIA). Time: 7:00 pm Dates: July 9, August 27 Ed Animal Presentations at Castle Crags State Park These are held at the visitors center. Click here for a map (pdf file, 103 kB). For a YouTube video of a previous program click here for the nine part series. Time: 7:00 pm Dates: May 28, June 25, July 2 Monthly Meetings Board Meeting Board meetings are usually held on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm. Meetings are held monthly when the Center is open and every other month during the Winter Season. There will be no meeting on November 24, 2015. In December there is a special closed session meeting on December 15. Meetings are by invitation only for non-board members. Animal Care Committee (ACC) Meeting ACC meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Anderson Fire Department, 1925 Howard St., Anderson, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. For a Google Map to the ACC meeting click here. Please note that the Fire Department has imposed a new policy that no animals of any kind will be allowed inside their facility. All volunteers should plan to attend the meetings as many topics of importance are discussed. Also, we conduct training sessions in wildlife care and presentations by experts in various wildlife related disciplines. There normally will are no ACC meetings in September, November, December and January.      An educational presentation at a recent ACC meeting. Wildlife biologist Frank Muegge explains the differences in duck species. Wildlife and Nature Festivals Wildlife and Nature Festivals in our region: Birding & Blues Festival - Pacific City, OR https://www.facebook.com/BirdingAndBlues Endangered Species Faire - Chico, CA http://www.endangeredspeciesfaire.org/ Godwit Days - Arcata, CA http://www.godwitdays.org/ Heron Festival - Clear Lake, CA http://www.heronfestival.org/ International Migratory Bird Day and Environment for the Americas http://www.birdday.org/ John Scharff Migratory Bird Festival - Harney Bain, OR http://www.migratorybirdfestival.com/ Monterey Bay Birding Festival http://www.montereybaybirding.org/ Snow Goose Festival - Chico http://www.snowgoosefestival.org/ Tualatin River Bird Festival - Sherwood, OR http://tualatinriverbirdfestival.org/ Wings Of The Warners - Modoc Migratory Bird Festival http://www.klamathbirdingtrails.com/events/index.shtml Winter Wings Festival - Klamath Basin http://www.winterwingsfest.org/ Wood Pecker Festival - Sisters, OR http://ecaudubon.org/Default.aspx?alias=ecaudubon.org/woodpeckers Websites That List Wildlife and Nature Events: Audubon Birding Festivals and Events Calendar http://chapterservices.audubon.org/birding-festivals Bird Festivals in Alaska http://www.alaskacenters.gov/bird-festivals.cfm Bird Watchers Digest Festival Finder http://www.birdwatchersdigest.com/bwdsite/explore/festivals/finder.php Birding Festivals - American Birding Association http://www.aba.org/festivals/ Birding Festivals and Events in Klamath Basin http://www.klamathbirdingtrails.com/events/index.shtml Birding Festivals and Events in the National Wildlife Refuge System http://www.fws.gov/refuges/birding/festivalsEvents.html California & Beyond Wildlife Festival Calendar http://www.cawatchablewildlife.org/festivals.htm California Birding and Nature Events http://kern.audubon.org/festivals.htm California Nature Festivals http://www.natureali.org/nature_festivals.htm California Nature Festivals & Events http://www.nwlink.com/~sunnywww/WhereView-WNW-Festivals-CA.html CAMacDonald Local Events http://www.camacdonald.com/birding/uscalifornia.htm#Local CCWR Activities & Events http://www.ccwr.org/events/events.html Explorer's Map of Festivals http://birdday.org/component/resources/?c=search&type_id=12 Oregon Birding Festivals - Birding Info http://www.birdingoregon.info/Festivals/tabid/214/Default.aspx
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