Education and Foster Care Animals

Educational "Ed" Animal Program

One of our goals at SWRR is to promote wildlife conservation by educating children and adults about the beauty and appreciation of our native species. We will talk about wildlife and their role in our environment. We will tell their stories because they are unable to. The program is presented by volunteers experienced in caring for injured or orphaned wildlife.

We are able to work with teachers and can assist in meeting their curriculum requirements for science studies. Discussions are geared toward the specific ages of the students. They will highlight the important roles of these animals in the complex web of life, as well as their interaction with people.

We ask for at least a week or two advance notice for scheduling and for a donation of $75 to help defray our costs. We are a non-profit group and this donation goes toward the care and feeding of our animals. None of our handlers are paid for this important work they do.

To see a schedule of upcoming Ed Animal programs see our Coming Events web page.

To schedule an “Ed” program for your group (no animal calls or calls outside normal business hours) contact: Education Program Coordinator: Patti Blasquez 530-549-4816

Sunny the “Ed” vulture

Foster Care Program

The birds that are in our Educational Program very often also act as Foster Care Parents for young, orphaned birds of the same species. They are put in the same aviary as the adult Ed bird and the Ed bird takes over as the parent. They raise up the orphans and also show how the young should behave as part of their particular species. Since the Ed bird usually can't fly and hunt on its own, when it's time for the young to start hunting, they are moved to the wildlife center and given live food to start their hunting lessons.

Past Presentations

See our Past Events web page for a sample of the programs we have presented in the past few years. For a YouTube video of a previous program click here for the nine part series.

Burney Falls Presentation, May 26, 2014
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